Xiaomi MiJIA LED Smart Infrared Human Body Motion Sensor Night Light For Home [Deals & Review]

This time we are going to talk about an interesting product designed by Xiaomi. The Xiaomi MiJIA LED Smart Infrared Human Body Motion Sensor Night Light and Photosensitive Night Light very good quality and priced at $ 9.99 (Rs. 700/- ) approx with shipping. 

If you want to make the light bright or shiny, then there are only not many settings. Xiaomi MiJIA LED requires 3x AA batteries. It consumes only 0.25mw power when the device functions in standby mode. The sensitivity of movement and light cannot be changed manually, there is a switch to control the intensity. Low intensity will give you more battery life and high intensity will give you less battery life. In 0.7 Lm mode, which allows the battery to remain in power consumption mode up to 3.8 Lm for 12 months, the battery can last up to 6 months. so it is something to keep in mind. Overall, this is a good product which is not cheap but looks good and works well. 

The IR sensor can detect motion up to 5-7 meter distance and 120-degree angle. The light can turn on automatically in the dark environment and light for 15 seconds After 15 to 20 seconds the light will turn off automatically. It is equipped with a Freshnel ultra-thin lens which enhances sensor performance.


There is a tape on the back which you can remove and stick to the wall, wood tiles, etc. This automatic nightlight can be placed near/under the Table, Balcony, passage, wardrobe bedside, stairs, bookcase, etc. A plastic holder is included in the kit if it is necessary to hang it somewhere and immediately stick the tape.


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